December 18, 2016

This will be a short one. (Uh . . .I can hear you shouting "Thank God.")


Like many of you, I have been thinking quite a lot about Vladimir Putin lately. C'mon. You know you have too. And what I keep thinking about is the word he used to describe Donald Trump - "clever".



               Fancy Bear has Koala Bear in his grip. Koala Bear's having second thoughts. Someone else should, too.


As a writer of books for young people, I have often been referred to as, yes, clever. Review after review. Clever. The reviews were good. Some even starred. Damn! I am SO clever.


Don't get me wrong. I love a good review and I'm always thankful for them when they come. Truly, I am. But is it wrong that I don't always feel wildly comforted by that adjective? I mean, isn't "clever" just another way of saying  -- or as DT puts it, a "euphenism" for --"not exactly smart"? Doesn't "clever" describe a diminution of one's intelligence rather than a solid acknowledgment of it? Aren't the people calling you "clever" letting you know, however unconsciously, that in their judgement, they're maybe a tiny bit smarter than you? Aren't there always air quotes around it?


                                           He can't be that smart. He wrote his S backwards.


The current bromance between DT and VP is sure to end in heartbreak. That goes without saying. But when it does,  who do you think will be left sniffling into his little hanky? (Besides all of us, I mean.) The  con artist, or the former director of the KGB?    The reality TV star, or the former director of the FRIGGIN' KGB? The Tweety Bird, or the Master of Compromat? The grabber of you-know-whats, or the grabber of countries?  The bilker of the little guy, or the man behind the slaughter of civilians in Aleppo? 


                                                          Right out of James Bond. Except not.


Valdimir Putin told us everything we need to know about his estimation of  DT. He thinks he's  . . . er . . . clever. DT, no doubt, takes it as a compliment. But me?  Chills, my friends. Chills.


Oh, and it doesn't help that by adding one little vowel to that word, we get another word entirely, one that we might rightly associate with Mr. Putin.








Darn it! There I go, being clever again. Fight the good fight, friends. Let me hear from you.




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