every other monday

October 24, 2016




Another blog.


I can hear you groaning.


And I don’t blame you.


So what makes this one any different from thousands of others?  The only thing I can say is that it is me  -- Okay, you sticklers, it is I - who am writing it, by which I mean to say that because it is mine and not someone else’s, it will necessarily be idiosyncratic to me, my thinking, my loves, my prejudices – all of the stuff that, for better or worse, hums along in my consciousness and bubbles up from beneath it.


Who am I exactly?  If only . . . .

                               Our rescue from Texas,  Queequeg. I wanted to name him Hercules but was outvoted.



Off the top of my head, here are five things you might like to know.


1.) I write for kids: picture books; middle-grade books; and as of March 28, 2017, the pub date for BULL, older kids, too. Occasionally, I write for adults.


              BULL, A YA novel-in-verse, retelling the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. I love the snazzy cover.


2.) I have taught creative writing to undergraduates and graduate students for over fifteen years.


3.) I have taken just one writing class. It was taught by a very famous poet. He hated what I wrote, and he hated me right along with it.  I could never figure out why exactly. I wonder, now, if it had something to do with the shirt I wore on the first day of class. If that’s the case, he had good reason. Anyway, he was really mean.


                                  Mine was more pilgrim than pirate but very similar.  What was I thinking?



4.) I have been married to the same smart, beautiful and loving woman for 33 years. I only hope we have another 33. And that will not be enough. We have a son, who along with my wife, is my life’s light. B wanted to have more kids, but I was too anxious, narcissistic, and well, immature. It is one of my  great regrets.


5.) When I was 31, I auditioned and was accepted at New England Conservatory. I wanted to be an opera singer. But I started too late. I could never get that music in my body. Heartbreak. I can still sing a mean show tune. By the way, learning to sing and learning to write have a lot more in common than you might think. Expect a post about that soon. 


                                                       So not me (except in my head).


My plan is to post every other, well, you know. What about? Writing for kids. Teaching writing to people who want to write for kids. Books. The Writing Life. Occasionally, I may post something more personal.


I hope you’ll give me a chance or two to see if there’s something here that you might find interesting. If not, let me know. If so, let me know, too. You can do either (or both) in the comments section below.


 In the meantime, enjoy these precious fall days.


                                                               In the field behind our house.


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