So grateful for the six starred reviews. In the meantime, check out my Pinterest page, showing how visual artists through the ages have interpreted this ancient story. 

“David Elliott’s Bull does for mythology what Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton has done for U.S. history. Teens of all genders and reading levels will devour this salty, quick-witted retelling and the timely truth of this story: It takes a god to make a boy into a beast, but it is us humans who turn him into a monster. I loved this book.” —Allan Wolf, author of The Watch That Ends the Night and New Found Land 


“Stunning, explosive, and brilliantly-crafted. BULL is a perfect addition to the new canon of classics.” —Liz Wright, Brazo Books 


“Dark, disturbing, and devastatingly good.” —Elana K. Arnold, author of Infandous and Sacred 


“What an extraordinary book! Saucy and thoroughly modern, Bull feels both ageless and of our time, and is, above all, a bracing, unforgettable read.” —Jane Brox, author of Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light 


“The voices in this poem—as much hip hop as epic—taunt in a spirit that is at once modern ghetto and ancient philosopher. As a lover of the Greek tales, I'm so grateful for this dizzying ride.” —Donna Jo Napoli, author of Sirena, Bound, and Beast


"Irreverent and witty, the book is a fantastic labyrinth of its own, with new turns and twists that deliver us to the wisdom at its center." —Kyoko Mori, author of One Bird and Shizuko’s Daughter


“A remix told in striking and affecting verse, BULL offers a modern, haunting look at this story of power, lust, love, and revenge” —Sara Grochowski, Brilliant Books 


“An entirely refreshing twist on the indelicate undercurrents of Greek Mythology, BULL will inspire today’s readers to rediscover the classics.” —Sara Hines, Eight Cousins Books

Kirkus Best Teen Books of 2017

Booklist Editor's Choice 2017

Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book 2017

New York Public Library Best Book for Teens 2017

Junior Library Guild Selection

Cybils Award, Poetry Finalist


From Publishers Weekly (starred)

"Elliott contemporizes the ancient story of blackmail, betrayal, and revenge with humor, poignancy, and profanity. Hamilton comparisons are unavoidable, yet the personalities and voices Elliott brings to these mythical characters make this powerful and engrossing book a genre of its own. "

From Kirkus Review (starred)

"Elliott’s absolutely magnetic rhythms will wake up any high school class, and the book could also work as a play.

Irresistible, slick, and sharp (no bull!)—with plenty of bull to dissect. (cast of characters, author’s notes) (Verse fiction. 14 & up)"

From Booklist  (starred)


"Effective both for classrooms and pleasure reading, this modernization brings new relevancy to an old story. It’s a conceit that easily could have floundered; in Elliott’s capable hands, it soars." --Maggie Reagan

From The  BCCB (starred)

"Brief, useful notes explain both the liberties taken with the myth and choices of form for each character. Nods to Hamilton are inevitable, but whether or not Lin-Manuel Miranda had anything to do with inspiring what we hope will be a trend of transforming old stories into hip-hop gold, all readers and educators can say at this point is keep ’em coming."  --Karen Coats

From The Horn Book (starred)

". . . topically and colloquially apt. Raplike wordplay, rhymes with coercive predictability, unpleasant intensity — it’s horribly effective, culminating in the god’s conclusion: “the things you mortals do: / Ridicule. / Follow orders. / Stay passive. / Betray. / What a pity! / It could have gone another way.” Such is the matter of the Greek myths."  --Deirdre Baker 

From ShelfAwareness (starred)

"Broadway's Hamilton meets Edith Hamilton in David Elliott's crackling YA debut, a rapid-fire verse reimagining of the Greek myth of the Minotaur. Razor-sharp rhyme schemes and sly, vicious humor make Bull a bawdy yet sophisticated romp, a literary feast fit for the gods. " --Jaclyn Fulwood.

From School Library Connection (starred)

"The story is told in a contemporary voice with language kids use today making this a great book to use in mythology units." --Melinda W. Miller




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