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I liked learning about how you write your books. I was surprised how long it takes to write a book. Like how you started a book, but didn’t like it so put it away. Then you came back to it later. Maybe I will go back to something I wrote and try it again.  3rd grade student

school and library visits

In all my visits, I strive to engage  kids in a natural, spirited, and honest dialogue about writing and the writing life.  With younger readers -- grades K-6 -- my presentations often center on the Candlewick poetry series, On the Farm, In the Wild, In the Sea, On the Wing, and In the Past.  The hour ends with our writing a communal poem. My goal is to leave middle and high schoolers energized about the possibilities of the written word, yes, but also about themselves and their world. At the end of the presentation, time permitting, we write a poem together using one of the forms found in Bull or Voices as a model.  Of course, if this does not suit your needs, I'm always happy to work with you to make sure the visit is as successful as possible,

for the young at heart
speaking engagements

Below you'll find a couple of examples of my favorite presentations for adults. I’m always happy, of course, to tailor a talk to whatever topic you might be interested in. 




Inspiration. Where does it come from? A classic book. Yes. A trip to the museum. Sure. Opera. Why not? But it can also come from a milk carton, a tabloid, a television commercial. This talk encourages anyone who puts books in the hands of children to have faith in both the child and the book, and illustrates that whether the child is reading  Captain Underpants or The Secret Garden, good, even great, things can come of it.




This talk is an homage to a place where I spent many hours as a young person, the public library of my childhood. Its purpose is to thank librarians for the vital, often forgotten work they do, and to demonstrate that though we are living in a time when budgets are being slashed, a dedicated librarian can change a young person’s life.



"David was a great speaker for our school. He was dynamic, informative and fun. The kids loved him. I would absolutely have him here again.”

“David Elliott was delightful. He was deeply engaged in teaching the craft of writing to our students through an entire day of classes. He brought the group writing experience to an exciting pitch while never losing control of the classroom. The student enjoyed themselves immensely. There was laughter and good writing all around.”


“David Elliott’s visit to our school was just what we were looking for. He talked about the process of writing. It helped the students to understand that writing isn’t a one step process, but that taking the time to edit and revise is worth it.”


“David Elliott’s presentation to the whole school was wonderful. The kids connected with him right away. We were then very lucky to also have him meet with grade levels in smaller groups. We wish he could have spent all day in our classroom. The kids were very excited about meeting a “real” author and were pumped to be authors themselves.”


“I liked learning about how you write your books. I was surprised how long it takes to write a book. Like how you started a book, but didn’t like it so put it away. Then you came back to it later. Maybe I will go back to something I wrote and try it again.”


“I really liked that you took time to be with us. Your books inspire all the kids to read, including me.”


“I liked how honest you were when we asked you questions.”


“David Elliott was a featured speaker at the NH Library Conference. He talked about the influence of public libraries on his life and on his decision to become a writer. In a packed room of primarily children’s librarians, David amused and inspired everyone present with his moving story. His warm and easy manner captivated the audience who responded with lots of questions and comments. His program earned rave reviews from conference attendees, many of whom cited it as their favorite presentation at the event.


David Elliott was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He responded promptly to all communications and was flexible about arrangements. He connects easily with people and makes them feel appreciated. I cannot recommend him more highly as a speaker.” –Ann Hoey, Youth Services Coordinator, NH State Library


“Your enthusiasm and support for good literature was evident as you spoke of the many ways to look at children’s books. When you were leaving that night, I had three “seasoned” early care educators come up to me and tell me that they were so moved by your talk that it has motivated them to take a second look at themselves and how they present literature to young children…Three Cheers to YOU!” –Lyn Smith, Education Director, Maine Roads to Quality











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